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Referee Info and recertification and certification

Roadrunners annually provides Referee Certification Classes for our families

Roadrunners SC and Referee Certification Courses

Below is some important information regarding new steps needed in order to take a Referee Certification Class or a Referee Recertification Info. We are sending to entire club in case there are parents or siblings out there who are interested (must be 13 years old). 



All courses are taken online through U.S Soccer.


You will create an account and then sign up for a course.

You will need to take course pre- work and then attend an online class on one of the posted dates.

Click here for requirements and instructions for New Grassroots Referees





Click here for requirements and instructions for Recertifying Grassroots Referees


There are FIVE Online Assignments that are required:


Background Check (18 years old & over – must CLEAR background check)

Grassroots Recertification Refresher & LOTG Update

2021 Recertifying Grassroots Referee Quiz

Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environment

SafeSport Training (only if over 18 years old)


To find the Assignments, log in to the Learning Center, click on “COURSES” at top, then ‘MY COURSES”, then “GO TO CLASSROOM” and click on the “ASSIGNMENTS” tab to complete online requirements. Once the requirement has been completed, it will show as SATISFACTORY.


If all Assignments are not completed by the course deadline, your registration will be automatically transferred to the next available Recertifying Grassroots Referee Course.





2) Follow the US SOCCER INSTRUCTIONS to connect to your profile

o    Link:


We encourage all players 13 or older to consider becoming referees.   For anyone wishing to act as a Referee or AR (assistant ref), you have to follow the new steps and take a course to be able to referee this spring or next fall. We really need more referees so all eligible players are encouraged to get Certified, we also encourage parents to get involved as well.  This is a great way to make money (example: line refs make $30 for a 1.5 hour game.) 


Click here for US Soccer FAQs

TO ALL IF YOU ARE 18 OR OVER: (When you sign in to US SOCCER using the instructions above you will be required to complete a background check and safesport training 

only if you are 18 or over.


·      NCSI Background checks - Anyone 18 years of age or over MUST submit and CLEAR backgroujd check in order to register for a course.  Good for two years at this time.

·      SafeSport Training - Anyone 18 years of age or over MUST complete. 

·      ALL Referees must complete ALL online requirements/assignments prior to the in-person course to be eligible to attend (listed under New and Recertifying Referees).


Please sign up as soon as possible before it fills up.

After you get certified, please sign up with Roadrunner's Ref Assignor!

Roadrunners SC is a Nonprofit Organization and qualify for tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.