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Roadrunner University

Roadrunner University

Roadrunner University or Roadrunner U.

Roadrunners SC is committed to giving our youngest players the best possible start to their soccer career. We have been running our Roadrunner U program, for the past six years as we saw a need to start players out early on doing the most basic skills along with getting players used to being part of a proper training session. Since we began, the fruits of our efforts have paid off ten fold. There are MANY players that began playing in our Roadrunner U program that are visibly further ahead than most of the players coming directly from rec. soccer.

  • Professionally coached
  • 3 events per week fall and spring, (1 is a parent watch day.)
  • (2 events per week for winter.)
  • Cost is only $158 per season. 

To learn about the seasonal plan and fees click here

Roadrunner U players get one free training shirt and one pinney at the start of their first season.

To join Roadrunner University, no tryout is necessary, you can register at any time. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

If you have questions please email us at:

Roadrunners SC is a Nonprofit Organization and qualify for tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.