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Players First Recognition!

Roadrunners Soccer Club has been recognized for fulfilling the requirements and additional standards to be a Player First-licensed club. Upon a comprehensive review, it’s been proven that Roadrunners SC provides an exceptional, player-centered environment and upholds the high standards of the Players First license. Only 84 Soccer Clubs in the U.S. (only 3 in Illinois) have achieved this recognition.

Being a Players First-licensed club is a commitment to establishing and maintaining the best environment for the players and families within our club. Roadrunners Soccer Club is now considered a leader and an example for other clubs to follow in the midwest and in the nation.

Roadrunner Accomplishments!

G2005 Premier qualified for NPL Nationals!

B2003 Premier qualified for ENPL Nationals!

B2004 Premier Futsal Regionals Champions!

B2003 Select 1 - NPL State Champions!

B2000 Prem 2 State Cup 1/4 Finalists!

B2000 Premier, Semi-Finalists Dallas Cup 2018

B2006 Black Eclipse Tournament Champions!

2004 girls win futsal regionals 2017 and head to Nationals!

2004 girls win futsal regionals and head to Nationals!

G2004 Select 1 WNPL Fall State Champions!

B2000 State Champions National Premier League!

G2004 State Champions National Premier League!

Roadrunner Girls 4th in State for DGNorth HS!

B2008 Champions Hawks Cup 2017!

2007 Black Wisconsin Dells Tourney Champs!

B2011 Black Socctoberfest Champions!

B2004 Select 2 Grove United Tournament Finalists!

G2009 White Wheaton Wings Tournament Finalists!

G2005 Black Wheaton Wings Tournament Finalists!

B1998 Premier Futsal Regionals Champions!

B2000 Premier Futsal Regionals Champions!

B2006 Select Socctoberfest Champions!

B2003 Select 2017 Futsal Nationals Finalist

B2005 Select qualified for ENPL Nationals!

G2009 Select champions IL Fire Jr Shootout!

B2000 Prem 1 State Cup Champions!

B2004 Select Jaguar Tournament Champs- Michigan.

G2000 Select Finalists Open Cup, Alabama 2018

B2007 Select Eclipse Tournament Champs!

G2006 Black Eclipse Tournament Champs!

B2008 Select Nike Cup Champs!

B2008 Select Champions of Winter League at both Romeoville and Step Ahead!

2005 girls win futsal regionals and head to Nationals!

G2005 State Champions National Premier League!

B2003 Select State Cup Runners Up!

B2001 Premier 1 Champions, Chicago KICS Cup

B2005 Select Champions of Michigan Jaguar Tournament!

B2010 Black Socctoberfest Finalists!

G2009 Finalists Oswego Tournament 2017 in Coed division!

B2005 Black Socctoberfest Finalists!

2006 Select Wisconsin Dells Tournament Champs!

G2004 Select 2 Wheaton Wings Tournament Champs!

G2007 Black Socctoberfest Champions!

B2004 Black North Shore Tournament Finalists!

G2010 Socctoberfest Finalist!