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Joe Sauerman

Joe Sauerman

Joe played for The Chicago Magic 87/88 team from U12-U17. The team won state cup every year he played and two Midwest Regional Championships as well as a Super Y League National Championship. He played on the '87 Illinois ODP State Team and '87 Region II ODP Team. Joe has played in Holland, England, France and Belgium. The last 4 years he's played in some of the most competitive adult amateur leagues in Chicago.

Joe enjoys coaching and seeing his athletes become more well-rounded soccer players individuals. His love of the sport extends beyond the field with many of his childhood teammates still playing significant roles in his life as an adult. He wants to facilitate that same sense of camaraderie, competitive spirit and appreciation of the sport in his teams.



Why did you choose to play soccer?

My dad, an avid soccer player himself, coached my older sister and I can vividly recall joining him and playing with her team when I was 3 and 4. I began playing competitively as early as they would allow me on the field. My dad was exceptionally supportive of me, though when I look back I am appreciative he didn’t push me. I fell love with the sport, the comradery and particularly the teammates I had as a youth, many of whom I still see on a regular basis. Soccer became a part of my identity. I am especially grateful for the multitude of experiences and diversity I was exposed to because of soccer.


Why did you choose to coach soccer?

Taylor Waspi is one of those friends I made growing up playing and he has since remained close. He encouraged me to shift from playing (which I continued on the over 30 league in the Chicago suburbs) to coaching. I was looking for a change as the transition from a 20-something single soccer player to a married dad saw me prioritizing my time differently. As much as I love soccer I love the thought of passing that passion on to others. It seems like a natural transition for me and I derive great happiness in coaching players in the beautiful game that has given so much meaning to my life.