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Nicole Cosenza

Nicole Cosenza

Nicole is a Roadrunner Alumni and played for the club from age 7-18. She started coaching for the club in 2018 with our Roadrunner University Program.

Nicole also works for @Properties in Downers Grove as a head office admin. She is working towards a higher role within the company and towards her Real Estate license. 

Nicole played for RR form u10-u23 (after this season.)I was a starting forward and left mid for most of her playing time.  Nicole enjoys working with the younger kids, and would like to have a team of her own eventually.


I started playing RR when I wanted to train at a more competitive level. I started off playing for Simi on his select team. After that my team was picked up by Taylor where I spent years developing as a player as well as a person. I enjoyed playing for RR as well as working for the club now. I feel it's an organization I want to continue to be a part of and grow with as it has had such a positive impact on my life for so many years. I chose to coach for that reason exactly, I grew up with many coaches acting as such positive role models in my life. Between Simi, Tylor, Jared, and every fill in coach in between, I have been surrounded by nothing but support and encouragement. Without soccer, Roadrunners, or the coaches I had, I would not be the person (or player) I am today, and hope to leave other kids with that same effect in the future. Soccer was the only sport I played in my life. Although I tried many, soccer was the only one I connected with on a mental level. Learning the game, the skills, and the teammates was an experience I hope to give other developing players!